We're AIphrodite.
A Dutch startup that applies AI technology to pornographic videos.
Our Artificial Intelligence
Pornstar recognition

Our AI can recognize the pornstars in a video and automatically tag them, making your videos better discoverable on search engines.

We can go through all your videos and add actor information for each of them. If you want, we can slow down our tagging so search engines notice your site is getting daily updates.

Input video

The girl in this video is recognized as

Sweetie Fox
Focus detection

Our AI understands which body parts are getting the most focus in a video. This gives your site a unique feature by allowing your users to search for which body parts they like seeing in their videos.

Like seeing the actress' face? Don't want any dicks in your search results? Our advanced search options got you covered!

Speech recognition

Our AI can recognize the language spoken in videos so we can automatically tag them and improve your SEO.

We can also determine how much story there is in a video. Want a little bit of roleplay before? Or actually want to jump straight to the action?

Our hosting services
Animated Thumbnails

We can create and implement animated thumbnails for your website. We'll automatically download your videos, create a thumbnail for each of them, and serve them on your website.

Our thumbnails load instantly and work well on desktop, Android and iOS.

We can take care of the integration so it's minimal effort for you.

Touch/hover over the image to try.

Video hosting

For many porn sites, serving videos is one of their top expenses. With our Smart CDN you can reduce costs.

Trade-off between latency and costs. Do your users actually need the video to start faster than 200 milliseconds? Let's have a conversation about your needs and we can tailor your hosting solution.

Custom solutions

Need any other IT or AI services? Let's talk!

(Except designing websites, that's clearly not our strong suit.)
About us

Jille previously worked as a Site Reliability Engineer at Google. His extensive knowledge about hosting and software powers his drive to create highly reliable systems that run forever without human intervention.


Mike has his background in data science and machine learning. With his analytical prowess he is the brain behind our Artificial Intelligence.

Contact us at info@aiphrodite.nl. We'd love to connect!